Headshots for a friend


Last weekend I had the opportunity to take some headshots for a friend, Tom Zartler.  I've known Tom a long time and was honored he thought of me for this project.   Although Tom has two successful businesses,  a recording studio as well as an electrical contracting company, he's always had a desire to act.  We didn't have a lot of time as the agent needed the photos quickly for a possible acting opportunity.   I packed up a small lighting kit and headed out to his house. The kit consisted of:

  • 2 umbrellas - small and large
  • 1 large reflector disc
  • 2 flash guns
  • various stands

I shot against a plain wall in his basement, trying to get a few "serious" looks and some smiles as well.  Below are a few of the best captures and all in all I think we got what he needed.  Hopefully someday you'll see Tom on the big screen, but until then, you can contact him for any electrical contracting or music recording needs at either of these links.