Fairman's skateboard demo | East Goshen Park

Fairmans skate shop hosted a skateboard demo this weekend. If you've read my "about" section, you'll know skateing is one of the early things that shaped my love for photography.  Between the ages of 10 and 16 all I wanted to be was a professional skateboarder.  My complete lack of physical coordination pretty much prevented this from happening, but i've never lost the admiration for the sport, nor the LOVE of the photography for the sport.  Grant Brittain is probably one of my biggest influences from the early days of skateboarding and in the modern era, Jonathan Mehring and Aaron Smith are huge inspirations to me. I've been trying to find time to make it out to local competitions or demo's and when I heard Fairman's skate shop, based in West Chester, Pa, was doing demo at a local park I said, "I'm there!".  I'd like to start shooting skate more often, but until then here are a few that I captured last weekend.